Our vision
The fresh breeze in Flemish swimming.
Proswimlab is committed to innovation and quality in all its facets. By stimulating entrepreneurship within the swimming sport we hope to promote the transfer of knowledge and work towards a completely renewed swimming landscape in Flanders.
Our values

Each lesson is a pleasant experience. Proswimlab focuses on a personal and individual approach according to your needs. We have a young, passionate and energetic team that attaches great importance to smooth and open communication.

Everyone gets the same amount of attention. With the extra 1 on 1 lessons we ensure that children who need extra attention are not left out.

Our values

Our trainers are all top swimmers. Many of them are medal swimmers at Belgian and international championships and have a wealth of knowledge and expertise. Besides the fact that they are good swimmers, they also have the capacity to give high quality lessons.

In order to guarantee quality, our instructors are regularly trained internally.

Our values

Proswimlab focuses as much as possible on technology and digitalization to optimize the customer experience. Through our own software system, the scheduling of classes and communication between instructors is completely digital.

This way we can closely follow the progress of the swimmer and work more efficiently. This system also ensures a smooth and open communication between all parties and we can pay extra attention to the quality of our lessons.

During our lessons we use the latest teaching methods and technologies, to give each swimmer the best progress. In addition to our lessons, we also research all kinds of new training tools that can help swimmers even more to achieve the goals they have in mind.

Our objective
Innovation in the Flemish swimming landscape

Part of the proceeds of the lessons are reinvested in Flemish swimming. In this way, we hope to let the sport flourish even more and make the concept of lifelong swimming real for as many people as possible. Check out some of the initiatives we support below.


Part of the proceeds are invested in our non-profit organization ”Proswimteam”. Proswimteam offers support for 18+ swimmers who want to take steps towards a national or international career. By organizing central training sessions, the Flemish 18+ swimmers can train together and learn from each other. In addition to the contact moments, this team also includes an Elite workout in Antwerp where swimmers train with the goal of participating in European Championships, World Championships or the Olympic Games. Many of our teachers are still connected to this proswim team and still have an active swimming career themselves.

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In collaboration with Silke Huybrecht, sixth-year medical student at UGent, Proswimlab recently launched the ”Parkiswim” initiative. Parkiswim is a kind of aqua fitness in which strength, stability, mobility, coordination and cognition are addressed with targeted exercises in the water. These targeted movements can mitigate Parkinson's symptoms, in part because exercise stimulates the supply of dopamine, a substance in the brain that is actually less present in Parkinson's disease. Any Parkinson's patient is eligible for these classes. An introductory meeting can always be scheduled for further explanation. People with other neurological disorders (e.g. multiple sclerosis) are also welcome to participate. Partners/friends/relatives are also more than welcome. For additional info you can always send a message to:[email protected]

Ghent University Swimming Team

”Ghent University Swimming Team” focuses on 18+ swimmers who have the ambition to excel at national competitions and (inter)national student championships. With this operation we want to support swimmers who combine studies in Ghent with competitive swimming. This initiative will complement the training that swimmers receive at their club teams so that athletes are not forced to change clubs after their studies in Ghent.

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Supportive swimming

For people with a disability or chronic illness it is not always obvious to improve their technique, condition, strength or flexibility. In cooperation with Ergocentrum De Brabander in Bruges these people can still exercise with the help of an experienced occupational therapist.

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