Swimming lessons for children. Vision and approach.

With Proswimlab kids we guarantee qualitative but above all fun swimming lessons for children from the age of 3.

Our operation is based on the newest learning line in swimming. In total there are 3 major steps that the children bridge divided into 6 groups.

Each group has a duration of 9 lessons. During the 9th lesson, a test will determine whether the child may move to the next group.

Step 1
Introduction to the pool


  • Introduction to the pool
  • Eliminate fear of water
  • Becoming aware of the resistance of the water
  • Learn to breathe out under water
  • Jumping
  • Relaxing into a static float
  • Experiencing upward pressure


  • Introduction to the pool
  • Getting over water fears
  • Aquatic breathing
  • Jumping
  • Static float
Step 2
Leren overleven


  • Introduction to the pool
  • Static float
  • Orientation under water
  • Moving
  • Pushing with limbs
  • Jumping
  • Rotation longitudinal and transverse axis
  • Thrust with raised foot
Step 3
Veilig leren zwemmen


  • Aquatic respiration
  • Leg movement backstroke
  • Leg movement crawl
  • Arm movement backstroke


  • Rotations
  • Leg movement backstroke and crawl en crawl
  • Arm movement crawl
  • Aquatic respiration


  • Leg movement breaststroke
  • Breaststroke arm movement
  • Coordination
When the child has completed all groups, it is possible to enter the perfection group. In this group extra attention is paid to the technical perfection of each swimming style. Also things like learning additional swimming strokes, starts and turns will be covered in this group.